We have the most incredible orthodontic team in Richmond, Virginia! They are all warm, welcoming, talented and dedicated to bringing you the best experience during your visit with our orthodontist, Dr. Katie Doswell. Our best team member (no offense to everyone else) is our therapy dog, Cammie! She is the absolute sweetest and welcomes everyone with a smile (and a tail wag). The rest of our team is pretty awesome too, and they are excited to meet you and take care of you like you are part of our family here at Doswell Orthodontics! Call 804-256-2808 to speak to one of our wonderful team members today!


Therapy Dog/Office Manager

“If I weren’t a therapy dog at Doswell Orthodontics, I would be a dog model/Instagram influencer.”

Favorite activities: Family walks, sliding down the hills on the golf course, and getting belly rubs.
Favorite sports teams: Duke Blue Devils (after all, I’m named after Cameron Indoor Stadium) followed by UNC Tar Heels (I spent all of my childhood in Chapel Hill before moving to Richmond.)
Favorite place to get groomed: Dogma Grooming
Favorite restaurant: Jack Brown’s Burger
Favorite vacation spot: Potomac River


Treatment Coordinator & Scheduling Coordinator

“If I weren’t a scheduling coordinator at Doswell Orthodontics, I would own and operate a greenhouse and mini farm.”

Favorite quote: “Be the energy you want to attract.”
Favorite activity: Gardening, anything outdoors
Favorite restaurant: Casa del Barco or any sushi place
Favorite candy: Twizzlers
Favorite type of music: 90s hip hop
Favorite vacation spot: Cabin in the mountains or cabin on a lake
Fun fact: She loves anything with mushrooms on it: mushroom-print anything and any food with mushrooms.


Orthodontic Assistant

“If I weren’t an orthodontic assistant at Doswell Orthodontics, I would be an astronaut.”

Favorite quote: “I am Beyonce, always.” – Michael Scott
Favorite activity: Walking and being outside
Favorite store to shop: TJ Maxx
Sweet, salty, or savory? Savory
Favorite phone app: Camera
Favorite vacation spot: Topsail Island
Fun fact: When she would spend her summers with her grandma in NY, they would go shopping in Manhattan, and they ran into Michael Jackson.